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2-Tone Sunburst on Alder



As production increased at the Fender Fullerton factory, more efficient processes were necessary to keep up with demand.  2-Tone Sunburst was the standard finish for Stratocasters.  Previously, Stratocaster bodies were made of figured light ash.  Ash, by nature, requires more preparation to receive a finish.  So, Fender began using alder wood for their bodies destined for a sunburst finish by mid 1956. This also changed the process in which the standard 2-tone sunburst was finished.  The new alder bodies were dipped in vats of yellow stain.  Lacquer sealer coats followed.  Then, the ‘burst was sprayed and clear coated.


Our version adheres to the same methods and processes used during this time period, just like the originals! All of our '56-'57 2-tone sunburst on alder finishes are stained and sprayed in the same fashion as the originals.